How To Get Criminal Case Game Free Energy

Criminal Case Link Exchange
Hello There ! Criminal Case Game Fans: Today we are sharing some great methods to collect criminal case energy. Juice, Chips, Coins And Reward Card. These are simple and easy ways. Enjoy.

Ways to Collect Free Energy:

1. Energy Link Exchange (Recommended) : Criminal Case Link Exchange


2. Orange Juice Page : criminal case juice 


3. Potato Chips Page : criminal case chips



(A) How To Collect Energy, Juice, Chips and Coins (Shared by other Players) ?
Follow the steps:
1. Go to Link Exchange Page :
2. You will see a bonus collector loaded with Juice, Chips and Coins.
3. Click on each item manually (one at a time).
4. You may find some items which are already shared up or expired (Skip them and try other links).
5. Don't Forget to send "Reward card" to other players.
6. You're done !
(B) How To Share Your Juice, Chips, Coins And Receive Lucky Cards /
Reward card ?
Follow the steps to Share orange juice or potato chips or coins:
1. Go to your facebook profile
2. Find the Juice/Chips/Coins links on your facebook profile
3. Right Click and copy link
4. Go to Link Exchange Page :
5. Paste the link to the comments Box
6. You're done !

NOTE: Your Daily Limit is: 3 x Orange Juice And 3 x 1000 Coins And 1 x Potato Chips
1 Orange Juice = 20 Energy
1 Potato Chips = 50 Energy
Daily limit resets after 24 hours.


STEPS : Click > Login > Click > facebook OR Guest > Enter Your Message

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