ENERGY LINK Exchange (OJ,PC,Rewards)

Get Criminal Case ENERGY: This is Ultimate Link Exchange portal To Share and Collect OJ & PC & Reward Card
Bookmark This. Press Ctrl + D to Remember. visit daily for update.
Daily Limit : 3 x OJ (20 Energy) & 3 x 1000 Coin & 1 x PC (50 Energy)
Do not worry about already shared up or missing rewards, Usually a new bonus is added in every 5 minutes. ( RELOAD )
NOTE: Click on Reload To see New Bonuses

STEPS : Click > Login > Click > facebook OR Guest > Enter Your Message

Tips to collect and claim more Rewards Bonus Item Links of OJ & PC & Reward Card
  • You can claim Criminal Case Freebie Item Links by just clicking on it or by using checkbox to collect all by one click
  • All items show the actual time of bonuses when they actually generated, Latest items has more chances to Get Bonus Freebie.
  • All these Rewards are shared by Other Users Probably Not Your Friends. Each Item can be claimed for once. In Some games you can claim limited number of items in a day.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay Bonus

Criminal Case Save The World Bonus