Case 2 - Corpse In A Garden (Criminal Case Game)

Corpse in a Garden (Case #2) is the second case of the game. The victim, Ned Dillard, was found dead in an abandoned house, with his hand brutally cut off and as a result, he had bled to death. His hand was abandoned by the killer in the junkyard garden outside his house. At the end of the case, it was revealed that the killer was the victim's bodyguard, Dennis Brown, who was paid to kill him by an unknown person.
Victim : Ned Dillard
Murder Weapon : Bloody Saw
KILLER : Dennis Brown 
SUSPECTS : Maria Sanchez, Joe Stern, Dave Simmons, Tony Marconi and Dennis Brown

Case #2 - Criminal Case Scenes (Cheats)
  • Scene 1 - Junkyard Garden
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  • Scene 2 - Dirty Bathroom
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  • Scene 3 - Mini-market
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