Case 3 - The Grim Butcher (Criminal Case Game)

The Grim Butcher (Case #3) is the third case of the game. The victim was a teenager named Jennifer Carter,who was cut open and hung upside down in a butcher's warehouse.
The killer was the butcher's daughter, Trish Colletti, who killed Jennifer because the victim was having an affair with her boyfriend, Raphael Soza. 
Victim : Jennifer Carter
Murder Weapon : Bloody Cleaver
KILLER : Trish Colletti
SUSPECTS : Raoul Colletti, Trish Colletti, Raphael Soza, One-Tooth-Sam, Vanessa Carter

Case #3 - Criminal Case Scenes (Cheats)

  • Scene 1 - Warehouse
    click to view
  • Scene 2 - Jennifer's Backpack
    click to view
  • Scene 3 - Homeless Camp
    click to view
  • Scene 4 - Shack
    click to view
  • Scene 5 - Vanessa's Kitchen
    click to view
  • Scene 6 - Breakfast Table
    click to view


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